About Shawna

ImageWhether or not to put our kids in public school is a very important and personal decision that we all have to make. Some make the decision very deliberately and others feel they have very little choice in the matter. However it happens, the majority of us find us with our kids in public school. Letting those little ones out of our sight for even a minute is hard enough! As Christians, we have concerns beyond just academics. It is a scary world out there! What can we do to help our kids?

Through my public school journey with my three daughters, I have tried many things to make it successful for our family. Some have worked, some have failed. I needed a resource for good ideas to try and to hear from other people going through the same thing. I envied all my homeschooling friends and their little community of support and encouragement. Shouldn’t there be something like that for public school families?

I looked and looked and didn’t find the resource I needed. I prayed about it and in the shower (where all good ideas seem to strike me), the idea of this site was placed on my heart. If it wasn’t already out there, someone should get it going…it might as well be me.

I visited my pastor at the time that morning for a completely different reason, and mentioned the new exciting idea in passing at the end of our conversation. Low and behold, my pastor (a previous school administrator) had already written a book on the topic! Is that coincidence? I don’t think so! He hadn’t published the book and it was lost to him, but it was obvious he had a heart for what I was talking about…and beyond that he had experience inside the system that I didn’t.

So we began this joint effort to start the conversation with you!


About Shawna Wright

Shawna Wright has three daughters currently in 4th, 7th, and 9th grades. While she graduated college with a degree in Chemical Engineering, she chose to stay home and begin raising her family. She and her husband, Michael, purposefully chose to put their children in the public school system with much prayer and perseverance. Shawna volunteers in the local school district. She is also a hobby web designer, writer, speaker, graphic artist and Director of Communications at her church. Her heart's desire is to be a light in her community and help her own children to be lights in theirs.
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