Catch It Early

We are already into this school year almost two months. Even as we have just begun developing this website with hopes to help others, our family finds itself struggling within the public schooling system. It is always a challenge and every year we question ourselves and our decision to go this route.

If only I approached every situation in the way the Lord wanted me too. I seem to jump in and do things on my own before I seek Him and His will in a matter.

This year one of my daughters started the year out in a split class between 5th and 6th grade. The class was much too large and after two weeks they pulled in a new teacher to take over the 5th grade. After a reshuffle, things seemed to settle into place.

Having another child go through elementary school already, I have learned at least one thing…that is: catch it early. In the past I have gone nearly a whole year assuming that all is well in the classroom only to find that my daughter has been struggling and missing important skills.

With my eyes opened, I now try to pay attention and after not seeing any graded work come home for months, I began to be concerned. I went in to the school and found out the teacher is struggling under an overwhelming situation forced upon her. The district had closed down the alternative program she coordinated and forced her to become a 5th grade teacher two weeks into the school year. The principal discribed her situation as “chasing a train”.

While I should be understanding and concerned for this poor teacher, all I can think about is my daughter and what is best for her academically. I want her to be put in a different classroom or different school. I don’t want her to miss out on an entire year because of this bad situation.

What should I do?

  • Pray
  • Be Kind
  • Help Out
  • Be Patient
  • Communicate

I will work on these things. Hopefully in catching it early we have time to work with our daughter and help her to handle the situation well. She needs to get her work turned in and done neatly. This early communication has brought up these issues as well and hopefully has us going in the right direction in those areas at very least.


About Shawna Wright

Shawna Wright has three daughters currently in 4th, 7th, and 9th grades. While she graduated college with a degree in Chemical Engineering, she chose to stay home and begin raising her family. She and her husband, Michael, purposefully chose to put their children in the public school system with much prayer and perseverance. Shawna volunteers in the local school district. She is also a hobby web designer, writer, speaker, graphic artist and Director of Communications at her church. Her heart's desire is to be a light in her community and help her own children to be lights in theirs.
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