Planting Seeds – Let God Do the Rest

So I noticed that I was a little wordy with my last two posts. I’m just getting the hang of this thing, so stick with me. I know you all don’t have a ton of time to browse the web and read long winded articles. How about we bring it down a notch today and let me just tell you a little about me and something big that I’ve learned recently.

Almost two years ago we switched churches. We went from a great big church that was one town over, to a little tiny one just a couple miles from our house. The old one had a large and organized children’s church program, this one had up to 28 kids between 4 and 13 years old in the same room. The other had a great facility, this church sets up and tears down every week in our community center. Obviously, this was a huge change for our family.

Our motivation to change was just to get closer to home, but the fruitfulness of the change was part of God’s plan for us as a family. We have all tried on new hats and found a special place in this little church.

When the call went out last year for more teachers for the children, I said, “yes”. I never thought that I would enjoy such a thing, but I love it! I love the kids and I love the lessons that we get to teach. We follow a curriculum (so glad we don’t have to think of it all on our own) and sometimes I learn more from teaching that than I do sitting in the regular service.

A couple weeks ago we talked about Paul, but the lesson was “The Rest is Up to God”. One activity was to watch a time-lapse version of a plant growing. It is amazing to see a plant growing at a faster rate. What an amazing miracle God does in growing plants out of nothing but a seed and some dirt! The question given was, is there anything we can do to make a plant grow faster? There are a couple things we can do to give it the best odds like water and fertilize it, but there is nothing we can do out of shear will power. We can’t force it to grow. Like Paul, we are to go about our lives planting seeds…sharing the truth with those around us. Then we have to let those seeds go because we can’t force anything to happen. There is no guarantee how those around us will respond. “The rest is up to God.”

Seeds take time to grow. No matter what we do, we can’t make them grow fast like this time lapse. Enjoy the growth process! The seeds you plant in the lives of your children are also that way. Keep planting, let God do the rest, and be patient.

Does worrying about the response from others ever stop you from planting the seed? It does for me. Even posting on this website makes me worried about the response and has kept me from posting much in the first two months. But I’ve learned that I just need to put it out there and remember “the rest is up to God.”

My daughter in 7th grade was doing a science unit on the beginning of the universe. The teacher has some journal like questions where the students got to write personal answers. One of the questions was, “How did the universe begin?” She asked me, “What if I get in trouble for my answer?” I told her that I would go to bat for her if she did, but it didn’t come to that. She gave her honest answer that she believed God made the world, and she got full credit. You just never know what that seed might grow to be. I’m so proud of her for sowing it!

The children’s church curriculum also had us give each student a lima bean. They were to write the name of someone that they wanted to share Jesus with on it as a little reminder. My variation would be to put a little bowl of blank lima beans on your kitchen table. Explain the idea, and with your children, write on the lima beans the specific messages that you all want to plant in the lives of others, for example things like, love, joy, grace, and truth. Let the lima beans be a reminder to plant them where ever they go, but to leave the rest to God! You could even work on them one “seed” per week.

What other “seeds” have your children sown in the public schools they attend? What were some of the responses from other kids, teachers, or parents? Please add your thoughts to the comments! I’d love to hear from you and start a conversation.


About Shawna Wright

Shawna Wright has three daughters currently in 4th, 7th, and 9th grades. While she graduated college with a degree in Chemical Engineering, she chose to stay home and begin raising her family. She and her husband, Michael, purposefully chose to put their children in the public school system with much prayer and perseverance. Shawna volunteers in the local school district. She is also a hobby web designer, writer, speaker, graphic artist and Director of Communications at her church. Her heart's desire is to be a light in her community and help her own children to be lights in theirs.
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