Supporting Christian Families with Kids in Public School


Whether our circumstances demand we put our kids in public school or we purposely choose that option, there are inherent challenges that will arise for Christian families. Many of these challenges are common to all of us. This website is designed to be a place where all Christian families can find resources to help them along the way, support and encourage each one another, and see God glorified in the world.


Our mission is to provide a resource for Christian families to

  • be a light in their world, starting in their schools
  • grow academically
  • effectively work with teachers and staff
  • protect their children from temptations and dangers

Please Note:

We are not trying to promote public schooling over other academic options.  Many Christians find themselves with their children in public schools whether or not it is the best option for their children. Our goal is to give those families resources to have the very best experience that they can have in the public schools so that the Lord might be glorified in the children and in the world.

The Lord has created us as believers in Christ to be His body. There are many parts of that body and each of us is called to minister in different ways. We hope to do everything as though we are doing it for Christ and purposely seek Him in every detail of our lives, including public schooling.

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