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Shawna Wright has three daughters currently in 4th, 7th, and 9th grades. While she graduated college with a degree in Chemical Engineering, she chose to stay home and begin raising her family. She and her husband, Michael, purposefully chose to put their children in the public school system with much prayer and perseverance. Shawna volunteers in the local school district. She is also a hobby web designer, writer, speaker, graphic artist and Director of Communications at her church. Her heart's desire is to be a light in her community and help her own children to be lights in theirs.

Prepare for a Purposeful Summer

The school year is winding down here in Washington, but for some in southern areas of the country summer break has already started. With all the busyness of the end of the year, I haven’t had a minute to think … Continue reading

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Moments Matter: Public School Gives You Moments of Impact

Until recently, I have to admit I didn’t really *like* other people’s kids. I loved mine, but maybe just didn’t have time or energy for other kids…especially when mine were little. I didn’t *mind* other kids, but I was not … Continue reading

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How to Know What Your Kids Should Be Learning in Public School and Help Them at Home

Do you know what your children are supposed to learn each year? Do you know what they are learning this year? Since we are their parents, it is primarily our responsibility to make sure they are getting what they need … Continue reading

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Book Review: “Going Public: Your Child Can Thrive in Public School”

When the idea of this website took root in my heart, “Public on Purpose” was the original title I had in mind. However, when I mentioned the idea to Mark and he had “happened” to have written, but never published, … Continue reading

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Each Child, Each Year – Facing Academic Challenges in the Classroom

Things have been keeping me busy, not the least of which was deciding to make one major change for our family. Even before we got this website fully off the ground, there were signs that we would face challenges with … Continue reading

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Quick Tip of the Week: Tracking Play Dates and Sleepovers

If you have more than one kid, you might have the same problem we have. Every weekend each child is angling to get a friend over to play or spend the night. On occasion I even let the pressure get … Continue reading

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Bonus Printable

I go back and forth on prayer lists and journaling and arrow prayers all day long. It seems I pray and worship differently just about every day. However, I’ve found that prayer lists really help me to remember specific things … Continue reading

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